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Remote coaching services can include:

Dog Training 

    • Pre-Adoption Consultation 

    • Services listed in dog training tab 

  • Puppy Training 

    • Pre-Puppy Consultation 

    • Services listed in puppy training tab 

  • Behavior Consulting

  • Enrichment, Sport Training, Trick Training 


Remote Coaching services cover nearly every aspect of 1-1 private sessions, minus me visiting your home. We utilize applications like Zoom and FaceTime to the fullest extent of their capabilities to provide you a rich training experience through the mixed use of live video, recorded video analysis and breakdown, and screen sharing. 


Length: 90 Minute Consultation / 60 Minute Follow Up Sessions 



Behavior Consultation: $225+tax

60 Minute Follow Ups: $185+tax

Dog/Puppy Training Consultation: $200+tax

60 Minute Follow Ups: $150+tax



Please refer to behavior consulting and dog training services for more information on available training packages.


Unsure what service your training needs fall under? Please contact me to talk more about you and your dog's needs to determine if I'm the best fit for you and your dog.

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