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What is your training philosophy

I practice a Positive Reinforcement/ Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) philosophy. Through this philosophy, we teach puppies and dogs that it's easy, fun, and reinforcing to train desirable behaviors with us. For more challenging behavior modification, we utilize humane, science-based practices to work towards desired behavior change that minimize stress and never include force or physical punishment.

What is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant?

A Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) has completed the following requirements: a minimum of 4 years and 500 hours of in animal behavior consulting, 400 hours minimum of coursework, seminars, and mentorships, and a working knowledge of learning theory, counterconditioning, desensitization, training, and husbandry, with additional in-depth knowledge of assessment skills and application of species-specific knowledge. To read more about the qualifications of a CDBC, please feel free to view the Application Handbook

Are all breeds able to work with you?


Yes! Naturally Canine services are accessible to ALL dogs and their humans.


Do you have a storefront? 


Naturally Canine offers private 1-1 sessions in client’s homes or at an agreed upon location.


Do you offer group classes?


Naturally Canine offers private 1-1 sessions, however, sessions may be split between multiple dogs. If you’re interested in a small class split between family or friends, feel free to contact me for more information on how we can achieve this. 


Do you offer board and train services?


Boarding and board and train services are provided infrequently on a case by case basis. Boarding services are limited pre-existing clients or new clients with a referral from a pre-existing client. Boarding services are limited to puppy and dog training services. All boarding dogs must be current on immunizations. 


How quickly can we expect to see results working with you? 


The honest answer is that there are too many factors involved for me to know before we begin working together. Every dog and household is unique, which means progress will look different for everyone. I make it a point to communicate realistic expectations early on in the process based on information about the age, environment, history, learning style, and personality of the dog, as well as the time and consistency of the human.

What do I need to prepare for training? 


I recommend preparing low, medium, and high value treats that are easy to hold and feed to your dog and a treat pouch that allows for ease of access. Additionally, a 6 foot leash, 10-15 foot long leash, flat collar, martingale collar, back clip Y-style harness, treat pouch, and clicker are all tools I use regularly in my training. You can visit my resources page for recommendations on treats, harnesses, and other tools that I use and recommend.

Still have questions? Please contact me for additional information at any time

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