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Behavior consulting services include:

  • Aggression 

    • Dog/Dog

    • Interspecies (Cat/Dog)

  • Anxiety 

  • Destructive Behavior 

  • Fearful Behavior 

    • Fear of other dogs, humans, objects, etc. 

    • Sound Sensitivity 

  • Reactive Behavior 

    • Barking/Lunging at other dogs, humans, or objects 

    • Excessive barking at door or window 

    • Excessive barking at inanimate objects

  • Resource Guarding 


Length: Up to 2 Hour Consultation / 60 Minute Follow Ups



Consultation (all clients start here): $300+tax

Single Follow Up: $215+tax

Package pricing is available:

3 Class Package - $575+tax

5 Class Package - $950+tax


Unsure what service your training needs fall under? Please contact me to talk more about you and your dog's needs to determine if I'm the best fit for you and your dog.

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