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Dog training for both ends of the leash, informed by the latest in behavior science.


"We humans repeatedly fall into the trap of thinking that power and control are what successful relationships are about. On deeper reflection, we can see that in our best relationships we communicate easily and clearly — whether with a dog or a whale, or with our best friend or our kids. In the long run, communication trumps control."

-Kathy Sdao, Plenty in Life Is Free

At Naturally Canine, we're here to demystify dog behavior and help you and your dog learn to communicate effectively through the use of kind, science-based training methods. Whether you've recently adopted a dog or puppy or require support in a behavior modification plan, you'll obtain valuable skills to enrich the life you share with your dog. 



 Please refer to the services tab for an in depth list of the behaviors we work with. Whether your household is fighting like cats and dogs or you're feeling out of control of a concerning behavior, behavior consulting services are here to help you and your dog feel safe and secure.

 Training topics include but are not limited to basic and advanced life skills, integration into your home, and solutions to common problem behaviors. Whether you've adopted an adult dog or require support with a seasoned companion, we're here to help you.

 Training topics include but are not limited to puppy development and common problem behaviors, socialization, and life skills. Puppyhood is an equally exciting and challenging time in our dogs' lives, but can be made easier with proper guidance and support.






Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat-Sun 10am-2pm

Naturally Canine services a roughly 15 mile range of 77009 in Houston, TX. Areas include but are not limited to Houston Heights, Greater Heights, Woodland Heights, Independence Heights, Northside Village, Central Northwest, Timbergrove, Hyde Park, Montrose, Midtown, East Downtown, River Oaks, and Tanglewood.


Additional locations in Houston may be serviced per request; locations outside of Houston may be serviced per request, though additional fees may apply.

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